Date Picker Angular component

A quick and easy to use date picker for your Angular applications.

Install with npm

npm install @sedware/date-picker


By default the date picker component will allow you to select any date in the future or past. Use the month dropdown and easily scroll months, years or decades to quickly find the date needed.

The date picker component scope deliberately excludes implementation of showing/hiding the date picker. This should give engineers a lot more flexibility and choice in how the date picker is utilised for different applications by not assuming anything about the extrinsic state of the component and wider problem to solve.

If you have any issues or would like to contribute, please raise a Github issue or a pull request with new changes. If you think the component doesn't quite fit your needs and could be improved, you're very welcome to start a discussion about new feature requests/changes by raising an issue.


Import the date picker into your application or feature module after any common modules, libraries or frameworks

import { SedDatePickerModule } from '@sedware/date-picker';

  imports: [
export class AppModule { }

Use the date picker in your components


Retrieve the chosen date of the user by binding to the dateSelected event

<sed-date-picker (dateSelected)="onDateSelected($event);"></sed-date-picker>


  • Pass an optional fromDate input of native type Date to restrict navigation from a specific date.
<sed-date-picker [fromDate]="fromDate"></sed-date-picker>