A brief overview of Angular


Angular Modules are used to encapsulate logical feature areas of an application. Modules are used to define a clear boundary of functionality, to group common things together and are made to be easily added or removed. Modules can be imported into other Modules to accelerate development of more useful applications.


Angular Components contain logic that drives the behaviour for an isolated area of a web page. Components allow HTML data binding and control updates to the presentation and display of data. Components are registered with Modules and can be imported or exported into other applications along with Modules.


Angular Services can be used for a number of different things. They can be used to store logic of how to call an external service to retrieve data, or used to define an API that can be shared across an application. Services are often defined as singletons that can only be instantiated once. This can be important to the operation of root-level application-wide services and modules.